Don’t Like Mondays?

New Year Resolutions?  Heck, there are plenty outstanding from last year.  Read more books and drink less wine, give up watching reality TV and vacuum the carpets instead.  A clean start to an even numbered year.

Last night we drove out to the big house in Ohariu Valley for a barbecue.  Four choices of meat; not bad for a veggie household.  The drive back was dark and muggy, and it was still only ten o’clock.  We skipped staying up to midnight and went to bed.  Still no resolutions, none that will last all year.

Maybe we need new resolutions every month, every week, everyday?  A better fit to our agile, confused, trivia sharing world, where news grows old in hours, the compass resets at the swipe of a mouse, and everything has to be bite-sized, online and easy to swallow.

Forget ADHD, forget NYE, embrace Mondays.

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