New Novel Coming Out Soon

My new novel, a science fiction adventure, Brightest Star, will be published in New Zealand at the beginning of August. It’s about a missionary group who abandon a dying Earth and sail to the stars to find a replacement world on which to live… or so they think.

“Stars don’t twinkle. They burn like a billion bombs.

The spaceship Domina Penelope crosses interstellar space in search of a new Earth. As it approaches the star system Norse the mission leader, Father Chadwick, struggles to control his crew. Worse, after decades of constant light-sail acceleration, they may never be able to stop.

Five hundred brothers and sisters had sailed from a dying Earth in hope. Yet despite voting to leave, none of them could have foreseen the dangers that lay on their path – until it was too late to turn back.

Brightest Star is the first book in a space trilogy in which a powerful yet enigmatic missionary group, the Assumptors, exit Earth for the stars.

Why remain prisoners of one sun when there are so many more?”

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