Andy Southall

Andy loves new ideas and seeing where they go. He writes fiction, science-fiction and travel.



If ancestry is a story then truth may be an unhappy ending…

When amateur genealogist Rob Banks travels to the remote town of Meredith in the north of England he hopes to research his mother’s father. His mum never knew her dad, yet she believes he was the local doctor – surely a well-respected man?

Seventy years earlier, Dr Robert Lachlan faces a dilemma of morals and medicine. No matter what course he chooses, he will hurt his loved ones and change his life.

This is a tale of two men in different times. A grandfather whose deeds still haunt his descendants; a grandson searching for his ancestor’s secrets.

Sometimes you have to see through history to discover who you are.

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Another Day in Paradise?


We were all set for paradise.  But was paradise ready for us?

We came to Samoa fleeing winter.  Kate would teach at a local school and I would write a travel blog. Life would be sweet and good things would happen to us.  We’d swim in the ocean, spend a night in a traditional fale, and cycle around the island.

What we didn’t expect was the onslaught of barking dogs, taxi horns and Zumba classes. Nor the antics of our visiting friends, Ted with his cast iron beer gut and Teresa with her purple swimming cap. We’d have to adapt if we were to survive.

Amusing, colourful and sometimes downright unbelievable, One Hundred Days in Samoa is the story of how two expats cope with living on a South Pacific island and return enriched by their experience.

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