Review of Both Feet in Paradise by alysontheblog

It’s always a pleasure to read a well considered review of one of my books, and alysontheblog’s review of One Feet in Paradise is definitely in this category. As well as appreciating the time and effort Alyson has spent reading my book and then writing about it (thank you!), reviews like this one also give a writer a fresh perspective on their story. How the characters that were once in my head now live their lives in somebody else’s. And how this is no longer my world, with only my experiences and memories, but one that’s been reinterpreted according to somebody else’s world view, becoming new and slightly shifted and yet equally intriguing.

There are lots more reviews on alysontheblog – from Entanglement by Bryan Walpert to Fishing for Māui by Isa Pearl Ritchie. Look forward to browsing through them.

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