Sisyphus in Sāmoa: Review in Landfall

Really pleased to see my book Both Feet in Paradise reviewed in Landfall by Shana Chandra.

There’s a good deal of thought and detail gone into this review – and I have to thank the reviewer, Shana Chandra, for reading my book so thoroughly and kindly. As a writer, it’s always slightly strange (like going to a place you never knew existed in an otherwise familiar town) reading how your story has played out in somebody else’s imagination. Your characters have to represent themselves; they have none of your memories, only the thoughts and words you’ve given them. And I love hearing which quotes have especially reverberated.

Sisyphus was a king in Greek mythology, forced to roll an immense boulder up a hill only for it to roll back down whenever he neared the top. Funnily enough this guy appears in Iain Banks’ The Bridge too, one of the books that influenced Both Feet.

I look forward to reading Banjara when it is published.

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